Death Simulation

Rows of open coffins replace cubicles for the day as workers in traditional white robes weep and write letters to their loved ones.

When finished, they crawl into a wooden coffin, clutch a photo of them self tightly, and the door closes.

Sitting in complete darkness, they contemplate their death.

fake funeral


In a country where competition is so fierce that students can request a police motorbike escort if they’re running late for an exam, it’s easy to see why 25% of South Koreans are reported to have dangerous levels of stress.

Students and adults are pushed hard to meet rigorous demands.

How far does South Korea take competition?

On exam days, many Korean workers go to work an hour later to ensure their use of public transportation doesn’t inconvenience students. Delayed students can even call a helpline to be carried to the exam via police motorcycle, and flights were halted for over a half hour just in case the sound disturbed students taking aural English exams.

Work is equally competitive. At some offices, employees are expected to get to work before their boss, and not leave until the boss is gone.

Fake Funerals

Eventually, the mass funeral ends, and everyone re-emerges into the light.

“I’ve realized I’ve made lots of mistakes. I hope to be more passionate in all the work I do and spend more time with my family.” –Park Chun-woong after the experience

Eventually, the mass funeral ends, and everyone re-emerges into the light.

After contemplating their death for 10 minutes in total silence workers often say they have a new outlook on life.

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