A Dog Allergic to Humans

Spring has sprung, and with the longer days and warmer weather comes one dreadful thing: Allergies.

Believe it or not, our pets can suffer from many of the same allergies that make us miserable. It is very rare, but they can even be allergic to you! Meet Cruella, the pup in the Ripley’s family allergic to humans!

Cruella the Allergy Dog

Ripley’s Lead Researcher Sabrina Sieck adopted Cruella in 2014 and soon after, realized something wasn’t right. It started with a mild skin irritation, progressed to constant itching and culminated into a nearly hairless puppy.

According to vets, she was healthy. Sabrina tried different diets, baths, and to keep her somewhat comfortable, Cruella wore a Lycra body suit. When none of it worked, allergy testing revealed Cruella’s surprising diagnosis: Human dander.

Man’s Best Friend

Just like you can be allergic to cats and dogs, cats and dogs can be allergic to you!

The best way to combat this, in Cruella’s case, was immunotherapy. All of her allergens were whipped up into a customized serum designed to desensitize her allergies, using proteins of the allergens themselves to slowly teach Cruella’s immune system to tolerate people.

Over about 6 months, Cruella was set! She still takes a pill on the day to day, but simply to manage her condition, just as you would a Claritin or Zyrtec.

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Other Weird Allergies

Cruella is a rare case, but there are some other seriously strange allergies out there!

Water: Aquagenic uticaria is no joke! This allergy causes the skin to break out into hives whenever it contacts water. Severe sufferers may only be able to handle a few moments in the shower and be unable to drink a glass of water or even cry without pain. The good news is this typically only lasts a few years, not a lifetime.

Fish Smell: Yes, smell! If you’re fish allergy is intense enough, even the smell of fish can cause a reaction. With a sniff, you’re actually taking tiny particles into your nasal cavity. Notably flounder and hake are the smelliest culprits.

Electromagnetic Fields: For a tiny group of people, electromagnetic fields are causing intense allergic reactions. A woman named Debbie Bird claims that her sensitivity to “electronic smog” is so intense she cannot operate any technology, has coated her walls with carbon paint and sleeps under a silver net.

Food (like all of it!): Food allergies are common, but in 2009 we learned of Kaleb Bussenschutt, who is violently allergic to any kind of food or drink. Consuming anything would cause brutal ulcers to erupt in his stomach. Weirdly enough, Kaleb could eat ice and drink one specific brand of lemonade, but anything else was forbidden. Doctors are still stumped on this one.