Whisper taking in the sights during the jump

Just sightseeing

Whisper, The Hiking, Base-Jumping Dog

We’ve featured extreme athlete and adventure seeker Dean Potter before in our books but this article is about his canine companion: Whisper.

Whisper is Mr. Potter’s dog and just as adventurous! She tags along on Dean’s skydiving, rock climbing, skiing, and more!

All Whisper wants is to be with her pack-family. When we go on adventures, she goes on adventures. She’s just a loyal pup with a very adventuresome Papa.

A Dog With A Sense of Adventure

whisper waiting patiently after his jump with his adorable bandana and goggles.
Whisper straps along inside the backpack sporting her own goggles and hood to stay warm during the flight down.

I’m sure I’d be worried, but Whisper looks like she enjoys flying as if it were the most normal car ride.

We can’t really ask Whisper for an interview, but this four year old Miniature Australian Cattle Dog looks like she’s ready to go again!

Watch the video at the top to see their whole adventure!


Whisper excited after his jump

Whisper excited after her jump

Whisper has her own webpage and you can see more of her on Dean Potter’s Instagram. Read about their story on NatGeo.