Real Bill

Bill Kathan showed up unexpectedly at Ripley’s headquarters in Orlando, and though we normally prefer appointments, he piqued our interest when he said he could do push-ups while balancing on raw eggs.

We just had to see these egg push-ups, so we scrambled to find some eggs and brought him backstage to our warehouse where he proceeded to show us all sorts of push-up feats.

Raw Talent

He did push-ups on one knuckle, on two fingers, on the backs of his hands to warm up, but then got to the good stuff.

He was able to do push-ups while balancing his entire body on just three eggs.

3 egg push-ups

Push-ups on three raw eggs

After that he pushed it up a notch and did 16 one-armed push-ups with a single egg under hand, and managed 11 push-ups on two eggs while also balancing an egg on a spoon in his mouth!

1 egg push-ups

One-armed push-ups on an egg

2-egg push-ups

Push-ups on eggs while balancing an egg on a spoon

Bad Eggs

Bill was a bit disappointed in the eggs we provided; in his experience, brown eggs hold up better.

Using brown eggs, he’s managed 33 push-ups on four eggs without breaking a single one:

A World Exercise Champion

Then Bill had to prove he wasn’t tired and cranked out 80 push-ups on his fists in 60-seconds, and 45 back-handed push-ups in just 30 seconds, and did all of these stunts completely back to back in the span of just a half hour.

Bill also displayed a knack for balancing baseball bats, he said he was able to run a mile while balancing a bat in just 6-minutes and 50-seconds, and that he once ran 17 miles on a track while balancing a bat—the feat cost him two toenails!

We asked him if he could balance two bats at once, and he took a second bat and just started doing it!

bat balancing

“I’d never tried two bats before.”

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