Valentine’s Day Oddities & Weirdness

On this special Valentine’s episode of Ripley Radio, we take a look at the strange, unusual and non-mainstream ways to celebrate the big holiday dedicated to sweethearts. As more and more people are writing love letters, we hear from David Rees, the world’s only professional pencil sharpener, and Barbara Berg returns to explain Ring Shui, a way of predicting if a person is a romantic match based on how they wear their rings.


  • The head of an exclusive resort tells us that more and more couples, young and old, are discovering the clothing optional  way to celebrate
  • A look at the special Valentine Day promotions found at Ripley attractions worldwide
  •  Chad Lewis reports on lover’s traditions of the past.

In one of the greatest love songs ever recorded, Chris de Burgh provides our musical egress this week with Lady in Red.


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