Zombification, a Zombie Café & Zombies in Pittsburgh

We take a different view of Zombies this week as we look at the pop culture side of the walking dead.  We hear from Tony Rossi, the manager of the Georgia Coffee Shop and Café in the Georgia town where the popular Walking Dead TV series is filmed and he relates how much fun it is when the walking dead visit his eatery. Lucy Leitner tells us why Pittsburgh, Pa. is the epicenter of the Zombie movement in the US.


  • Chad Lewis explores the possibility that “real” zombies do actually exist, thanks to a Haitian process called zombification
  •  Jodi Pliszka says the use of maggots is more common than one might believe in contemporary medical treatment
  • Zombie make-up artist Barry Anderson relates how funny it is to watch actors in full zombie makeup eat a sandwich during their meal break

1970s one-hit wonder Dean Friedman provides the musical egress this week with his catchy hit, Ariel.



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