Re-Attaching Body Parts & A Giant Bat Creature

Picture this. A giant bat-like creature, with glowing eyes comes out of a cave and terrorizes an Iowa town by night. It has a foul breath that seems to erase memory.  Gun shots won’t stop it. Is it real or mythical? Tune in, Chad Lewis has the story of the Van Meter Visitor on the June 24 edition of Ripley Radio, the official broadcast partner of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!


  •   Jodi Pliszka, Ripley’s Weird Medical Maladies ingénue reports on severe accidents in which severed body parts were re-attached successfully
  • A motorcycle crashes into the back of a truck and is demolished, broken into several pieces. There is no way a person could walk away from it. But the police could not find the motorcycle driver anywhere. We hear about the mystery this week
  • Author Jim Murphy wraps up a four-week series on hoaxes, as told from his new book, The Giant and How He Humbugged America.

This week’s timely musical egress is a true auditory artifact from 1972. Alice Cooper sings his hit, School’s Out.



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