Eating Road Kill, Crying Blood Tears & Tipping Large

The fall is a great time to take a family road trip and visit a bunch of weird and wacky festivals, fairs or events.  This week on Ripley Radio, the official broadcast program of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, Chad Lewis visits three such festivals, all set for late September. He visits a Bugfest, Mayberry Days, and a Road Kill Cook-off. Meanwhile, we hear from a popular saloon in the Great Northwest Territory of Canada, that someone swallowed the revered sour toe, which was supposed to remain in the glass after that shot of Yukon Jack was gone.


  • Ripley’s own Solutionologist, Jodi Pliszka, explains the weird medical malady in which a young girl cries tears of blood, at least twice a day
  • We hear of a tipper gone wild in Utah who  leaves tips that equal 2,000% of the restaurant and bar tab
  • Florida TV personality Scott Fais relates a couple fun stories of weird road trips he took within Florida – all in the name of entertaining viewers.

AVICII provides the musical egress this week with his hit, “Wake Me Up.”

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