Funky Road Trips, Seeing Upside Down & Newfangled Phobias

Been to the Devil’s Rope Museum lately? Or have you seen the huge Blue Whale? This week on Ripley Radio, the official broadcast program of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, Chad Lewis takes us on a funky road trip that the entire family will recollect forever. Also, we hear about a few of the new phobias found within our modern day culture. How about Nomophobia, the fear of losing one’s mobile phone?


  • Cops in Seattle handed out Doritos to the stoners at the recent Hempfest in that city and the spokesman for the police department  joins us to explain why it was a successful way to communicate the new marijuana law
  • In her segment, Weird Medical Maladies, Jodi Pliszka talks about a young woman who sees everything upside down and how she has coped with it since birth
  • Orlando and Tampa TV personality Scott Fais visits our studios this week and takes us on a few of his favorite road trips in Florida
  • Co-host Ralf (with an f), demonstrates just how hard it is to create a story for Ripley Radio, as he tries to track down a person who can talk about the wild animal that’s loose in Detroit.

Bruno Mars provides this week’s musical egress with his current hit, “Treasure.”

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