Ghoul School, Fire Photos & a Two-Headed Turtle

It’s October and that means a month made for Ripley’s!  This week we broadcast from Orlando’s Ghoul School and kick the month off right – sitting amongst some of the creepiest creations a human can make.  Ghoul School proprietor and horror make-up artist Barry Anderson and horror film writer and director Steven Shea are our in-studio guests and they tell us why people love horror and what is so intriguing about the horror genre.


  • We hear from a San Francisco photographer who specializes in capturing frames of artistic fire while risking damage to himself as well as his camera equipment
  • Manager of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in St. Augustine, Fla., Kim Kiff explains how she uses a live, two-headed turtle to help teach school kids about the badness of bullying
  • A man who has been honored by four presidents for his part in helping clean up inland rivers talks about the amazing collection of weird stuff he has found along the banks of those rivers – including dead bodies, bowling balls and voodoo dolls.

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins provides this week’s musical egress with his classic, I Put a Spell on You!

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