Hotel California, Deputy Dan Ackroyd & a Pot Pavilion

The world’s largest vinyl record now serves as the roof of the Forum in Los Angeles. The huge copy of the Eagles’ Hotel California spins at 17 miles-per-hour and has 15,000 LED lights. Angela reports on the unique addition to the LA skyline on this week’s Ripley Radio, the official radio program of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!  The Denver (Colo.) County Fair plans to get in on the legalized marijuana bandwagon in August, by offering up what could possibly be America’s first legal Pot Pavilion. The fair’s Tracy Weil explains why they are doing it and what they plan to feature inside during the event.


  • Yes, it is true. Actor Dan Ackroyd has joined the sheriff’s department in Mississippi. Sheriff Tyronne Lewis joins us and relates how he met Ackroyd and why deputizing the actor is a great idea.
  • Ripley’s official illustrator John Graziano drops by and explains what a precise task it is to produce the daily Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, the world’s longest running cartoon panel
  • Lynn Waddell, author of Fringe Florida, explains why the state of Florida has more nudist colonies than any other state and communicates with us about her recent visit to one of the largest
  • Ralf relates the painful experience of a woman who had a porcupine land, upside down, on top of her head
  • In our Weird Medical Malady of the Week segment, Jodi Pliszka reports on a woman who received a flu shot and can now only walk backward. It’s weird, it’s true and it’s right here on the Ripley Radio Oddcast.

Rick Vito, a former member of Fleetwood Mac and a Grammy-nominated guitar player, provides this week’s musical egress, Voodoo Woman.

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