Exploding Head Syndrome & Kissing the Blarney Stone

This week on Ripley Radio, the official radio program of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! features a fellow who has kissed the famous Blarney Stone in Ireland. Chad Lewis claims that it has helped him with his gift of gab. In our popular Weird Medical Malady of the Week segment, Jodi Pliszka explains the rare Exploding Head Syndrome, in which a person experiences strange and strong auditory hallucinations while sleeping.


  • The Safe House restaurant in Milwaukee has been named by Readers Digest as one of the weirdest places to eat in America. What makes it weird? There are no exterior signs, the doors stay locked and you need a special password to get in. Agent Shauna, the official spokesperson for the spy-themed eatery fascinates Ralf with her stories
  • As a student project at an Iowa high school, teacher John Cisna went on a 90-day diet, eating only at McDonald’s and ended up losing 37 pounds and becoming much healthier. Cisna tells us all about it
  • Lynn Waddell, author of Fringe Florida, closes out her four-week run with us and discloses more Florida weirdness from her popular book
  • Ralf reports that an Ohio man had been planning his funeral for decades and earlier this year when he died, his wishes were granted and he was buried, sitting up on his Harley Davidson motorcycle, with his helmet on, in a huge Plexiglas coffin
  • We hear about police in China, Maine, responding to loud screams and noise that neighbors thought was a domestic violence incident. The screams turned out to be from a male pig that was put into a pen with five female pigs in heat!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and in homage to Irishmen throughout the world, Ireland’s own Saw Doctors provide this week’s musical egress, FCA. (Ireland’s Army reserve forces).

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