New Mummies, Baseball Oddities & April Pranks

It’s springtime at Ripley Radio, the official radio program of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, and that means more unbelievable baseball oddities and April Fool’s Day pranks. We talk with our favorite weird baseball mogul, Mike Veeck and he tells us of his plans to feature bobble legs, instead of bobble heads, this summer in honor of his father’s peg leg.

We also hear from the manager of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs about his team’s bacon-themed uniforms and the scratch and sniff bacon t-shirts in the team’s gift shop. He also announces that he won the best minor league promotion of the season last year with his men’s room urinal video games.


  • Sideshow historian James Taylor begins a three-week series on contemporary mummies by telling the tale of Elmer McCurdy who was passed around amongst exhibitors until he ended up in an amusement park dark ride with his owners thinking he was made of paper Mache, until the day his arm fell off
  • Edward tells us about the three carnival sideshow mummies that Ripley has in its collection and how each is equally weird and different
  • Chad Lewis digs into history and explains why April first is the prank-filled day it is and reports on a few of his favorite pranks of all times
  • Angela and Ralf disclose the greatest baseball pranks ever pulled.

And in keeping with our tribute to mummies, we feature the Nashville-based funk band, Here Come the Mummies with Jump on my Ship as this week’s musical egress.

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