Training for Mars, Clown Phobias, and Road Trippin’

Two volunteers who have trained for a trip to Mars in simulated environments in the U.S., talk with Ripley Radio, the official broadcast program of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, about their time isolated in these environs.

We start off four-week series on bizarre phobias and on road trippin’ to offbeat and strange roadside attractions.


  • Sara Latta, author of Scared Stiff – Everything you need to know about 50 famous phobias, delves into the bizarre phobias centered on clowns and dolls
  • Chad Lewis takes us on a road trip to Chicago where he discovers a person can walk from the beginning to the end of the famous Route 66, in less than 30 seconds
  • We hear from a Portland, Oregon, man who has created a web-enabled cat toy that allows anyone anywhere to interact with live cats at several humane societies across the country
  • Ripley archivist Edward Meyer informs us that he has actually stood on (a piece of) Mars
  • Ralf tells us about a woman in Michigan who has worked at the same KFC restaurant for 50 years, and to make things even stranger, her daughter has worked at that same restaurant for the past 34 years!

Miley Cyrus loves to have fun, and she provides our musical egress this week with her own version of Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

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