A Car-Driving Dog & the Ultimate Elvis Fan

Ripley Radio, the official radio program of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! has gone to the dogs, because dogs, in their own cute way can be quite strange at time. This week, we’ll hear of an accident in which a Chihuahua was driving one of the cars.

We’ll also hear about Sally, a small dog from Fort Lauderdale who fell 15 stories down a shaft and walked away with only minor cuts and bruises. But boy, was she upset reports Dr. Spencer Ratnoff, the vet who treated her.


  • There’s an ultimate Elvis Presley fan that has turned his home into a private museum in honor of the rock and roll king.
  • Graceland Too, with no official affiliation with the real Graceland in Memphis, is open to the public. Chad Lewis says all you need to do is knock on the door anytime and the owner will be glad to give you a tour
  • Do you use Instagram? If you do and you are in London, you can post a food photo and get a free meal. Angela tells us all about it and adds that Believe It or Not!, 52% of the population regularly takes photos of their food before eating
  • We hear of the discovery of a mastodon skull on the banks of a man-made lake in New Mexico. You’ll never guess who discovered it and what condition they were in when they found it. Hint- it was during a bachelor’s party
  • Speaking of Elvis, Angela says one of the newest additions to the Ripley archives is a chunk of his hair, acquired from and authenticated by an Elvis museum.

In honor of the bright days of summer, ZZ Top provides this week’s musical egress with Cheap Sunglasses.

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