Cloud Messages From Angels

Tom Lumbrazo claims that angels and other spirits create cloud formations as a way to communicate with earthlings. He has been studying this concept for years, written two books about it, and says it has changed his life! Ralf finishes off his countdown of the 2010 Stupidity Awards and features the Top Stupid happening of the year.



  • The ensemble talks about 2010’s craziest and unnecessary baseball injuries
  • Buck Wolf of AOL News tells us of a Phil Campbell reunion in Phil Campbell, Ala.
  • We hear from a vintage Ripley Radio segment that many of our beliefs about the founding of Pennsylvania are wrong and that it’s time to update the text books; and five edgy sideshow performers tell us how they do it and what their mother’s think of their chosen career path.
  • Ripley archivist Edward Meyer takes inside the vault and talks about his recent acquisition of eight tribal skulls from Tibet, New Guinea and the Philippines.



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