UFO Phil’s Plan

Kooky UFO Phil visits Ripley Radio again and outlines his plans to build a pyramid on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay that will serve both as a hydrogen power plant and a landing site for alien space craft. We also feature UFO Phil’s latest song, Bad Aliens. Kim Orlando, founder of Travelingmom.com, explains some of the most outlandish Thanksgiving Day traditions and oddities that her network of moms have uncovered. Did you know that pumpkin pie gumballs, gravy soda and special Thanksgiving Day puppy chow were all available to help make your day more memorable?



  • Angela takes a deep look at mustaches this week and finds that Chicago is the most moustache-friendly city in the USA and that Applebee’s Restaurants are one of the most moustache-friendly employers.
  • This week’s feel good pet story features “Daniel the Wonder Beagle” who was to be euthanized at an animal shelter but survived by walking out of the gas chamber, with his tail wagging, totally uninjured and undead! He’s now been given a reprieve in New Jersey.
  •  Many experts say a video of an alleged alien standing next to a tree in the Amazon Rain Forest is the real thing. Hollywood has already shown interest!
  •  Judika Illes stops by and talks about her new book, Encyclopedia of Mystics, Saints, and Sages,and explains why the book starts off with an unexpected topic for a book on saints – a chapter on vampires and ghosts!
  •  You’re sitting in your window seat on an Irish airliner and look out and see workmen fixing the wing – with Duct Tape! Would you be surprised? Then would you be upset when the plane has to turn back midway in the flight because the tape wasn’t holding?
  •  Edward explains how easy it is to submit your own believe it or not to Ripley’s Believe It or Not! He outlines the process and promises that he personally answers each enquiry.
  • AND, during Tim’s Spot the Not! quiz, we learn of a lady who had more than 172,000 kidney stones removed at the same time from one of her kidneys. “Ouch,” said the others.


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