Orlando My Way Visits

Searching for unusual and odd fashions, Orlando My Way stopped by the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

“These are some items that you probably will not see in your closet–or ANYONE’s as a matter of fact.”

Host Kayla Becker had her pick of what’s currently on hand at the Warehouse Boutique!

Ripley’s Runway:

  • Licorice by Wilmer Lam
  • Never Lost for Words Thesaurus Dress 
  • Candy Wrapper Vest
  • Toilet Paper Wedding Dress
  • Drink Your Dress! Made from Tea-bags, Sugar Packets, and Coffee Filters
  • Tuxedo from the show, Dallas
  • And a Sprite Party Dress

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Would you wear this dress made of sawdust?

I'm guessing this dress might be a bit itchy.

I’m guessing this dress might be a bit itchy.

How about a tasty Skittles dress?

Sweet Skittles Dress!

3000 Skittles!

Here are 12 more odd fashion statements!


This dress is made from 15,000 metallic blue balloons!

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