The wind plays an important role in achieving the desired ghostly and dreamy effect – when it picks up and blows against the streams of water, the image shakesVisual Skin is a video projection company based out of Romania. For the 2014 Amsterdam Light Festival they created a “Ghost Ship.”

Ghost Ship is a tribute to 17th century Dutch sailing vessels. Visual Skin created the illusion through water, lights, and most of all, wind.

The results are ghostly, indeed

Albert P. Termote Sculpture, 1956.

Albert P. Termote Sculpture, 1956.

Unknown to the team at Visual Skin, the place where they constructed their installation is the exact spot where sculptor Albert P. Termote erected a fountain in 1956 to honor Royal Dutch Steamship Company.

When the Amsterdam Centre for Architecture was built in 2003, it obstructed the view of the beautiful fountain, which caused the transfer of the sculpture to KNSM Island.

Is it a coincidence that Ghost Ship is built upon the same spot, or are their otherworldly factors at work….

Is it too far-fetched to consider it a righteous revenge that the glowing green ship appears as a ghostly apparition in the same spot where the aquatic gods reigned previously? As a reminder of their exile, the ship must remain docked there forever.


GhostShip (6)

Photo Credit: Anita Nefkens

Photo Credit: Janus van den Eijnden

Photo Credit: Janus van den Eijnden

Photo Credit: Janus van den Eijnden

Photo Credit: Janus van den Eijnden


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