You’ve probably heard the phrase regarding the world’s smallest violin, but have you ever seen a giant floating violin? What about a giant floating violin that has carried a live ensemble of musicians playing violins? Well, now you’re about to!

Behind the Artist

Titled Noah’s Violin, the fiddle is nearly 40 feet long by 13 feet wide and is the creation of Italian artist Livio De Marchi. De Marchi is a Venetian sculptor who is famous for his exquisite wooden art, with some of his most popular work including a paper shopping bag, a hat, and a high-heeled shoe. He also recreated a Ferrari F50 in wood and drove it through the canals of Venice. The car is now part of the Ripley’s Collection and is currently on display at our Odditorium in Dubai, UAE.

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Noah’s Violin is one of Livio De Marchi’s latest additions to his catalog and was first conceptualized by him during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. De Marchi hopes that his violin will honor those lost to the pandemic and spread a message of rebirth from Venice to the world.

Showcasing the Spectacle

The piece was designed in four sections for ease of assembly and transportation, and it also includes ten different qualities of wood! De Marchi collaborated with local artists to help bring his piece to fruition.

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Noah’s Violin sailed through the canals of Venice in September 2021 carrying a performing string quartet. The musicians stood barefoot on the instrument, for better grip. The musically inspired vessel celebrates the city’s historical connections to classical music, including famed composer Antonio Vivaldi.

De Marchi’s gallery stated “Noah’s Violin, even before being launched, had accomplished its goal, which was to set in motion a system that saw the union of art, craftsmanship, technique, and, finally, city institutions.”

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