Holiday Gift Guide

We’ve compiled some of the strangest, weirdest, and oddest gifts all year so we can help you have the most unbelievable Christmas this season!

Upside-down Christmas Tree

Literally turning Christmas on its head, the upside-down tree will make for a very odd holiday season. We even have one in our Myrtle Beach Odditorium, where we invited anyone to come and contribute an “ornament” to the weird tree.

upside-down tree

Hang your ornaments and your tree!


Selfie Toaster

If you need to up your #socialmedia game, why not try this selfie toaster?

selfie toaster weird gift guide

While Instagram doesn’t support toast uploads yet, we can only hope breakfast food is the next Facebook.

“Hog Wild” Electric Spaghetti Fork

Touted as what could be a “game-changer” in the spaghetti eating world by one reviewer, basic motor skills are thing of the past with this electric fork.

spaghetti fork

Be sure to turn it off before putting it in your mouth!

If you ever find yourself struggling to shove enough pasta in your mouth, this is the gift for you.

Ferret Hats

While I doubt many of us find ourselves in the situation where we can’t think of anything to get our close friend who we’ve somehow allowed to buy a ferret, look no further than these incredibly niche ferret hats.

ferret santa hat

For the person who has everything.

Windowed Pet Carrier

If you don’t have a ferret, try this unique pet carrier.

windowed pet carrier

With the looks of something straight out of an episode of Johnny Quest, you can now force your cat to come with you wherever you go while giving it a fish-eye view of confused onlookers.

Boyfriend Pillow

Don’t be alone on the holidays, get a boyfriend pillow! If you want all the cuddles without any of the in-laws, just flop the soft cotton hand over your shoulder and drift off to sleep.

boyfriend pillow

“He doesn’t judge me.”

I quickly wondered whether they made girlfriend pillows, but quickly remembered those do exist, but are usually called “dolls”—which are somehow far less socially acceptable than this strange pillow.

Cat Ears

What is Japan doing with state of the art technology that allows people to control technology with their minds?

These cat ears that respond to your mood: they stand up straight when you’re focused, twitch when you’re in the flow of things, and droop when you’re relaxed.

Creating cute anthropomorphic cyborgs may not seem like it should be a priority, but then what would you get your friends for Christmas?

Hidden Flask

Whether you seek to get day-drunk at work, sneak some booze into the theater, or just sip whine on an evening run; the wine rack has you covered.

wine rack

It’s a bra with a built in wine pouch.

Yoga Army Men

Grand scale wars against your little sister, battles with giant dogs, and even giant sneaker won’t stress these soldiers.

yoga army men

Ohmmmmmy God, incoming fire!

They’ve got the Zen concentration and flexibility to fight any battle.

Anti-Fart Underwear

If you’re afraid your Christmas dinner might make for some unwelcome presents, be sure to give your holiday guests a set of these flatulence-fighting underwear.


According to reviews, the Shreddies can handle the meanest chili you can throw at them.

Pillows With Your Face on Them

What probably originated as a loving gift has quickly gone from novelty to horror. The mushion allows you to put your face on a pillow.


Who knew that making a human face and then supporting it with goose feathers rather than a skull could be so scary?

If you don’t want your own face, Nic Cage is always putting his on things, if you can’t get your hands on a John Travolta, try these pillows:

nic cage pillow

16 Crazy Japanese Inventions:


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