Ada’s Floating Wheelchair

With new advancements in prosthetics, nothing is becoming impossible for man—or goldfish.

YouTuber “Synirr” had a goldfish named Ada who was having trouble staying upright.

A Replacement Swim bladder

Her imbalance came from complications with the swim bladder—a trait common in goldfish.

This problem prevented Ada from keeping her balance when sitting still; damage normally results in the goldfish sinking to the bottom of the tank, or floating belly up on the top.

Aware of Ada’s plight, her owner was able to make a buoyancy sling to aid the fish!


“She looks a little silly, but it is better than lying at the bottom of the tank all day” –Synirr, owner

The goldfish still has to be hand fed, struggling to beat out its tank-mates in a mad dash for dinner, but at least she can enjoy the company of the other fish.

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