Gopher Go for it, Torrington!

If you are visiting Torrington, Alberta, Canada, there is only one thing to do. Home to less than 200 residents, but 11 fire hydrants painted to look like gophers and a giant statue of Clem T. GoFur, all signs point to the Torrington Gopher Hole Museum.

Opening in 1996, the Torrington Gopher Hole Museum features dozens of stuffed gophers posed to depict the history and daily life of the town. The rodents (actually Richardson’s ground squirrels) are featured in around 50 tiny, elaborately painted dioramas—some dressed as fishermen, firefighters, a barber, a pastor, and even a bank robber!

For only $2 (cue Sarah McLachlan) you can visit 77 gophers in 47 different displays!

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Clem T. Gofur

Clem T. GoFur. CC Eileen Mak via Flickr