Ripley Radio celebrates Halloween by reaching out to three different witches and warlocks and asking them to explain what this witch thing is all about.  What we got in return is an entertaining and enlightening program dedicated to the unbelievable world they live in.

Christian Day, the World’s Most Famous Warlock, talks with us from his home in Salem, Mass., and explains in his new book, “Witches Book of the Dead,” that the dead can be “powerful allies” to their surviving friends and families.  Author and lecturer Raven Grimassi shows how ancient ways can be used in these modern days in his new tome, “Old World Witchcraft.”
Ripley’s resident witch, Judika Illes, tells us when we should love witches and when it’s time to fear witches. As a scholar, educator, and author of several books of folklore and mythology about the subjects of magic, the occult, divination, diverse spiritual traditions, witchcraft, and the paranormal, she knows what she’s talking about – so we listen!

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Additional random amazements discussed this week:


  • Ralf explains why a prison doctor in California gets paid $235,000 per year working as a book keeper and not as a doctor.
  • How about this turn of events? The life of an inmate at another prison was saved by quick-thinking guards and now the prisoner is suing the state saying that he WANTED to die and the guards interfered with his personal rights!
  • How do you steal a live lobster from a grocery store? We hear the tale of a man who grabbed one and tried to leave the store with the lobster in his pants!  All jokes aside, he did get caught.
  • How do you rob a convenience store dressed like the big green Gumbi?  You don’t, especially when the clerk thinks you are kidding and ignores your threats.  But you do get away in a mini-van parked right outside.
  • We learn in this episode if there really is a Dogfaced Butterfly and if there is, is it really the state insect of California.
  • Edward explains how Ripley once purchased an extensive collection from one of the most famous wiccans of all time, Gerald Gardner, and moved it all to San Francisco where the Ripley’s Museum of Witchcraft was created.
  • AND, we discover that Ripley’s has just added a 10 foot-square replica of Hogwarts Castle to the Ripley archives. It’s made from more than a million wooden matchsticks