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Surfing alpacas, Michigan quicksand, anthill art, live streaming a fire, and heatproof hands!

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5. Ditching Turf for Surf

Alpacas normally call mountains their home, but this camelid is a beach bum. Accompanied by his trainer, Domingo Pianezzi, this surfing duo catches the chop off the coast of Peru. This isn’t the first animal Pianezzi has trained; he’s also surfed with dogs, a parrot, a hamster, and a cat.

4. Michigan Quicksand

While walking on a newly dredged beach in Frankfort, this family noticed they were sinking, and decided to give the quicksand a test. In just 15 seconds they’re up to their waists in the sand. The group later easily broke free of the sandy shore.

3. Casting Anthills

The YouTuber known as Ant Hill art has managed to create full aluminum casts of ant colonies. He starts by pouring molten aluminum into the anthill, waits for it to cool, and then digs it up. His casts weigh up to 25 pounds and have gone as deep as 22 inches.

2. Livestream Fire

In a terrific example of everything NOT to do, a video of Japanese live streamer has surfaced.  After accidentally putting a lit match in the trash, he moves the fire away and then tries hitting it with a cardboard box. When that doesn’t work, he goes to the kitchen for an eternity only to return with a small bowl of water. Though the fire consumed his house, both he and his family escaped.

Ripley's BION of the Week1. Hand-Fried Fish

Definitely don’t try this one at home. This Delhi chef has the ability to dip his hands into the hot oil he uses to fry meat—completely unharmed. Though he felt a little heat when he first started doing it, he no longer feels anything when touching the hot oil, and that’s what makes this our BION of the Week!

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