Episode 98

Ripley Radio’s tribute to Easter this week features Ripley-style advice on how one should eat a chocolate bunny and author Anne Perciado Rich visits to explain how bunnies and colored eggs became a part of the most important holiday in the Christian religion.

Have you ever been in a noisy restaurant or a loud rock concert and have been unable to hear your cell phone or even feel it vibrating? Now, our friends at Nokia are creating the technology that will cause a special tattoo on your body to vibrate when a call or email comes in.

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Other Weird, Bizarre and Unusually Outrageous Things Discussed this Week:

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  • Marc Hartzman reports on the amazing Torres Family, now appearing on the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Eight of them climb onto motorcycles, drive into a 16-foot Globe of Steel, and then proceed to show incredible skill as they run circles around each other at speeds up to 65 miles an hour.
  • Tim announces that Robert Ripley has been nominated for the Sideshow Hall of Fame at Coney Island USA in Brooklyn, NY. Voting takes place on Friday, April 13.
  • John Rucker was the first African-American man to wear an NBA uniform, but didn’t realize he held that distinction until he received a call one day from the New York Knicks, his former team – more than six decades later! Rucker, now being called a pioneer, explains to Ralf how all this happened.
  • We learn that two Girl Scouts in Missouri are suing the state over the right to sell cookies.
  • Angela reports on what may be the most elaborate Twilight-themed wedding ever held.
  • Edward talks about the extensive artwork in the Ripley collection – made of candy!
  • AND, we musically close out the show with Katy Perry’s new hit, Part of Me.