Ice Age Puppies

Like most of the internet, we love a good puppy story. We also like stories about mummies. So naturally when a story comes up about the mummified remains of the potential origins of man’s best friend, we can’t help but jump at it.

Researchers in Yakutsk, Russia discovered two perfectly mummified puppy corpses. 

The two ice age puppies are the most well-preserved mammal carnivores that have ever been found.

To find a carnivorous mammal intact with skin, fur, and internal organs — this has never happened before in history. -Sergei Fyodorov, head of exhibitions at the Mammoth Museum

The pups were found by a group of people looking for Mammoth tusks by a deposit of ancient bones in the remote arctic tundra, about 2,900 miles from Moscow.

The hunters saw one pup’s snout in the permafrost and informed Fyodorov. He found the second pup a few feet away and assumes they’re siblings.

What’s This Mean?

Scientists have long debated about the origins of dogs and exactly when they split from wolves and became domesticated.

Certain studies suggest that dogs originated in Mongolia while others suggest South Asia. Other reports claim that domestication began in Europe and the Middle East.

By studying the ice age puppies well-preserved brains, the scientists are hoping to get closer to finding the answers to these questions.

Because the area where the puppies were found previously yielded a small wolverine and two lion cubs, researchers are hopeful this won’t be the last unique discovery from the area.

One this is for sure; with this research, answers about the ancient origin of your family friend might be forthcoming.