Is Gollum Evil?

Experts have been asked by a Turkish court to determine whether Gollum, from The Lord of the Rings, is evil.

This knowledge is crucial in deciding a libel case between Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan and defendant Bilgin Ciftci.

Ciftci posted pictures online comparing the president to the creature from Middle Earth, and prosecutors want reparations for the purportedly offensive comparisons.

is gollum evil

The post in question

Turkish Law

Insulting the president of Turkey is punishable by up to 4 years in prison.

Erdogan’s administration is notorious for pursuing critics. They have sued cartoonists, Miss Turkey, and even teenagers for social media posts.

They have the record for most Twitter post takedowns and even banned YouTube for two years because the company refused to stop hosting videos that disparaged the president.

The Defense

The defendant’s lawyers argue that Gollum isn’t evil, and the prosecutors have not seen the movie.

“Gollum can’t be defined as evil. The character itself is a war between good and bad.” – Ciftci’s lawyer

The judge, who is not very familiar with the films, is unsure if the character is evil.

Experts have been called in, including a cinema specialist, a behavior scientist, and a psychologist. Their task will be to arbitrate whether Gollum is a true antagonist.



Peter Jackson’s Opinion

Director of The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies Peter Jackson weighed in on the issue along with screenwriters and determined none of the images compared to Erdogan were even Gollum.

“All of them are images of the character called Smeagol.” –Peter Jackson

He goes on to say that Smeagol isn’t malicious at all.

For the uninitiated, Smeagol is the Hobbit, who is eventually corrupted by the ring. The corrupted Smeagol becomes Gollum.

The case is ongoing, but we will post an update once a decision has been made. In the meantime, tweet or comment your thoughts. Is Gollum evil, or is he a misunderstood and tragic character?

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