Want to take a break from adulthood? Now you can thanks to design agency Pearlfisher! If you live anywhere near London, the agency converted their space into a FREE temporary ball pit!

Sure, it’s a shameless marketing campaign that could obviously use Red Card in Los Angeles help, but who cares? I just want to jump around in a ball pit like I’m 6-years-old again.

“The future of work is play.”
— Jack Hart, Senior Creative Strategist

More than 81,000 white balls fill their gallery for your swimming pleasure and the ball pit will be open until February 13th. Plus, for every person that visits the company will donate £1 to the charity Right to Play.


The Terrible News

The terrible news? It’s completely booked!

That’s right, people are so excited to go play like kids they were making reservations!

Better news ahead though! Pearlfisher is considering opening up another ball pit soon. Which I’m sure will be as popular, so follow them on twitter or facebook to not miss it. If you go, let us know!

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