Wonder if ghosts are real? If haunted places can really be haunted?

Our latest attraction in Key West will let you find your own answers!

Ripley’s Key West Presents the Haunted Lock Down.

Experience an interactive tour investigated by local Medium Dawn Michelle and respected author, Ghost Hunter, & Haunted Historian David Sloan. Learn our history of haunting dating from the 1800s to preset dating back to the 1800s

The new Haunted Lock Down takes guests on a chilling nighttime tour of the Ripley’s Key West building to experience what staffers have been saying for years – this place is haunted.

Not to mention we’ll show you exclusive access to usually guarded exhibits that have ghostly attachments.

Before entering you will receive you own EMR (short for electromagnetic reader) and Laser Grid. From there, the detective work is up to you! Several people have seen apparitions of a little girl; Others report being pushed when no one else is around. Some say they’ve experienced nightmares after touching a mask on display.

“I swear something touched me! This building has something in it … I don’t know what, but there is definitely something!” – Moyah R.


Experience it all yourself!

Ripley's Haunted Lockdown— Click Here. Nightly Hauntings!

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