lunar bible

Faberge egg with microfilm bible.

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Believe It Or Not, this magnificent jeweled Faberge egg houses a piece of microfilm containing 50 pages of the only Bible ever to have flown to the moon!

A trip to the moon

In 1971 Edgar Mitchell successfully carried a microfilm Bible containing all 1245 pages of the King James Bible on the moon in his “PPK” bag during his Apollo XIV moon walk.

What about the egg?

In 2000, as part of the “Lunar Bible Certification Project”, the microfilm was divided up into thirty-two 50 page sections, and each was encapsulated inside a custom made Faberge egg.

Ripley’s is proud to own three of these ultra-rare Lunar Bibles.

Lunar Literature

To date, this Bible is also the first and only book that has been on the surface of the moon!

See You in St. Augustine, Fireballers!

Exhibit No: BION171184