Marge SimpsonDoh!

Alexander Khokhlov is an amazing photographer who likes to push the limits of hair and makeup to achieve truly UNBELIEVABLE looks!

We have featured Alexander before when we showcased his 2D Faces.  His latest piece of Marge Simpson is just as spectacular!

We love Marge, that’s why we decided to make her alive using the skills of make-up, hairstyle, floristics and photography.

Make-up artist Veronica Ershova, and stylist Mikhail Kravchenko assisted in creating the look.

That Hair!

The calling card of Marge’s image is her giant blue bouffant. To get the look they used real chrysanthemums that they painted blue and adhered to a special frame. The results are truly stunning!

Marge Simpson

Images courtesy of Alexander Khokhlov. For more of his work, visit his website at