Midnight Planetarium Wrist Watch

Sure your watch tells the time and date of EARTH but how simple and unnecessary is that? There’s tons of other dates and planets in our solar system. Why keep track of just Earth because you live here?

This new watch is actually referred to as ‪Van Cleef & Arpels Complication Poétique Midnight Planétarium‬ a title almost as wide as the solar system itself. But you can just call it Midnight Planetarium.

Keeping Track

The watch features the 6 inner planets orbiting the sun. The last two—Uranus & Neptune—aren’t included because their orbits on the watch would be imperceptible as their orbits take 84 years and 164 years respectively!

The others move around the system in coordination to the actual planets. So how quickly will you see each planet spin around?

  • Mercury: 88 Earth Days
  • Venus: 225 Earth Days
  • Earth: 1 Earth Year
  • Mars: 1.88 Earth Years
  • Jupiter: 11.86 Earth Years
  • Saturn: 29.46 Earth Years


And it’s overall an amazing looking watch

  • 396 Pieces
  • 3 Years to Complete!
  • $245,000 Dollars to get one!

Video and More Images below!