In case you haven’t heard…

Lady Gaga was purposefully vomited on during her concert at  South by Southwest.

It was part of an overall show that started with Gaga being “roasted” on a spit as if she were a pig while her dancers basted her with BBQ sauce.

Soon after she was let down from the spit, Gaga invited Millie Brown on stage.

Millie Brown is a “Vomit Artist” and Ripley’s has known how awesome Millie is for awhile now!

We featured Millie in our 2012 annual, Download the Weird for turning “Vomit Painting” into a fine art.
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Millie’s Process

  • Does not eat for two days prior to performing
  • Mixes soy milk with food dye to achieve her desired look
  • Has to drink the soy milk very slowly
  • Makes herself sick by sticking her fingers down her throat
  • Vomits without making a sound onto a canvas

The results are colorful abstract paintings that sell for over $2,000 a pop.