Pizza Acrobats

Practicing the art of pizza acrobatics, pizza acrobats compete worldwide for the title of Pizza Champion.

These juggling chefs spin and toss raw pizza dough with dexterity and precision, but practice enormous self-control to keep the dough from ripping.

“It’s kind of like what a Harlem Globetrotter does with a basketball.” -Tony Gemignani, 12-time World Pizza Champion

At the yearly Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, these acrobats have their chance to stand before the bastions of international pizza and show off their stuff in the World Pizza Games.

A panel of judges carefully watches and scores competitors, taking into account a variety of factors.

Score Factors:

  • Creativity
  • Dexterity
  • Difficulty
  • Drops
  • Transitions

Sets are performed to music tracks, and competitors do anything to gain an edge, including costumes and blindfolds.

Pizza acrobats don’t just toss dough, but also choreograph their routines to invoke the emotions and feelings of pizza.

Serious pizza acrobats have even started using ProDough®, a silicon-based pizza dough substitute that simulates real dough’s elasticity and texture and glows in the dark.

Unlike normal pizza dough, ProDough advertises it will withstand years of constant use.