We see some weird fashion statements here at Ripley’s and we write a lot about fashion in our Ripleys Book and Blog! Here’s the weirdest and most surprising fashion statements we’ve seen recently!

Here’s some of the most interesting from our book, Dare To Look!

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Genuine Kobi Levi Shoes

Sporting this Israli designer around town is a must if you want to catch attention. As the saying I just made up goes: You don’t forget someone with bananas for shoes.

Kobi Levi Banana Shoes

Kobi Levi Banana Shoes

Kobi Levi Chewing gum sidewalk

Kobi Levi Gum Heels

Nails Like Diamonds

Just $250,000 for this miniscule bottle of nail polish makes it a must! But this is no regular nail polish: It’s made of diamonds. The nail polish contains 267 carats of diamonds.

The Most Expensive Nail Polish in the World

Only one bottle ever made.

These Boots…

We blogged on these denture shoes from Dare To Look! before. They must grip really well though!

Apex Predator Denture Shoes

I’m Not Sure These Shoes Were Made For Walking

The Latest in Cocktail Dress Technology

Yes, cocktail dress technology! Scientists from the University of Western Australia teams up with designer Donna Franklin to make the ultimate fashion statement—a dress made out of wine!

By adding special bacteria to the wine and allowing the mixture to ferment, the team was able to take the resulting skin and arrange it to dry on a mannequin.

Wine Dress Model

Once dry, the dress is ready for a night on the town!

Midnight Planetarium

Sure your watch tells the time and date of EARTH but how simple and unnecessary is that? There’s tons of other dates and planets in our solar system. Why keep track of just Earth because you live here?

Amazing Watch

Masaya Kushino Shoes

Looking for something comfy to wear around the house? Look no further.

Masaya Kushino is a Japanese designer with an odd aesthetic when it comes to footwear. His latest series is called Bird-Witched. He drew is avian inspiration from the 18th century painter, Jakuchu Ito.

Bird Shoes Masaya Kushino

How do you even put these on?

Fordite: Jewelry Made of 1920s Car Paint

The material is called Fordite or sometimes Detroit Agate and it isn’t manufactured anywhere anymore. It doesn’t come from the earth like copper or silver; In fact, this material may be even be more rare than diamonds!

Stingray Shoes

Dutch designers made an elaborate hoax out of their new line of shoes by claiming to be a Thai company that would make you custom designed shoes by mixing and matching stingray DNA! How were they really made? Simple paint.

Stingray Sneakers

Susie MacMurray Dresses

Susie MacMurray is a British artist who makes avant-garde sculptural installations from crazy objects! Her latest sculpture dress is made out of 1400 household gloves turned inside out.

Dress made from 10,000 fuschia pink balloons

Dress made from 10,000 fuschia pink balloons

Dress made from 43 kg of adamantine dressmakers pins

Dress made from 43 kg of adamantine dressmakers pins

Dress made from 15,000 metallic blue balloons

Dress made from 15,000 metallic blue balloons




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