Russia is training the ultimate aquatic soldiers. With water guns.

Russia put together a huge military spectacle to celebrate the 70th V-Day, the Anniversary of defeating the Nazis in World War II.

While most of the parade took place outdoors, the best parts were swimming in water tanks. The Russian Military is training Baihal Seals as Russian Military. From saluting commanders, to bearing weapons these seals are (sort of) ready.

Seal holds flag during show marking 70th anniversary of end of World War Two, at aquatic park in Irkutsk

REUTERS/Evgeny Kozyrev

You have to watch the video above!

Seal waits for orders with guns!

Seal waits for orders with guns!

These seals don’t seem immediately intimidating, but if they were it would be either because of those berets or their fearsome names, Laska & Winnie the Pooh. But also because they’ve been trained to:

  • March
  • Salute their Commander
  • Shoot (water) guns
  • Wield Knives
  • Spin in circles wielding fake rifles
  • Proudly wave the Russian flag

If that doesn’t sound fearsome or impressive to you, then tell Putin.

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