Episode 1

Ripley’s never stops looking for new and bizarre exhibits to expand our collection. Once acquired, those freaky finds make their first appearance at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! warehouse, where they are unboxed, uncrated and unwrapped! Join us as we take a look at our purchases for the very first time, unboxing the truly unbelievable.

Today: Salvador Dali Unboxing

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Doug Powell of Oviedo, FL has skillfully mastered an unusual art form: mosaics created with cast-off items such as shotgun shells, jigsaw puzzle pieces, and, in this case, computer keys!

Hidden within the 3,886 keys are words and phrases related to the subject matter—from the titles of some of Dali’s most famous pieces to common themes in his work .

Can you find them all?

  • The Elephants
  • Sommeil
  • Melting Clock
  • Eggs on a Plate
  • Soulevant
  • Explosion

Salvador Dali Keyboard Mosaic



Powell has a knack for hiding these Easter eggs pretty well, so, if you need a little help, click here.



Salvador Dali was known to blur the lines between reality and illusion, both in his art and in his personal life. An odd intersection of the two? Bathtubs.

The Spanish Surrealist liked to work in small spaces and was known to set up shop in the bathtub! His fixation with the space even led to an art installation in the window display of Manhattan’s Bonwit Teller department store. Dali lined an old-fashioned bathtub with black Persian lamb fur and filled with water!


Dali also had a strange fixation with cauliflower—yes, cauliflower. It wasn’t his favorite food, rather the vegetable’s “logarithmic curve” that intrigued him.

This strange obsession led to Dali filling up a Rolls Royce Phantom II with over a 1,000 pounds of cauliflower and driving it from Spain to Paris in December 1955! Later in life, Dali gave an encore performance when he filled a limousine with the vegetable and drove through the streets of Paris, passing cauliflower out to some very confused Parisians.


Dali kept very famous company, from Elvis Presley to David Bowie and even Sigmund Freud, but Alice Cooper really caught his mustache eye.

Dali said that Cooper was “the best exponent of total confusion I know.”

In 1973, Dali became fascinated with the rocker’s stage show and set up a meeting with Cooper.

According to Cooper, Dali, wearing a giraffe-skin coat and glittery socks from Elvis, gave him a plaster brain topped with an edible chocolate éclair—well, edible besides the LIVE ants running all over it! Dali then crowned Cooper with a $2 million diamond tiara and asked him to model. The result was a hologram of Cooper biting the head of the Venus de Milo!

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