With a name like Fashion Brand Company, this online shop alludes to the epitome of generic clothing offerings. But the real fun comes from being in on the action of this eclectic store — they’re far from a normal clothing line. Founded by Penelope Gazin, Fashion Brand Company is a subversive clothing store whose website states is “exclusively designed by, run by, and tailored to, lizards” — and also their human counterparts.

Fashion Brand Company

Photo courtesy of Fashion Brand Company

Each slow-fashion item made is infused with the artist’s mesmerizing sensibilities. These are creations you won’t find anywhere else. Fashion Brand Company has won over their loyal fan base with incredible pieces of clothing that shake the status quo, like the rich emerald green Moth mini dress, pairs of glasses crafted with human hair, and the Widow dress (complete with 8 functioning arm holes, of course).

Where other brands steer clear of anything strange, Gazin frequently posts pieces on Instagram that lean into it (we’re looking at you, three-legged pants). 

The company offers a much-needed break from the endless cycle of trends by reminding fans that fashion can be joyful. Many of the designs have a sense of nostalgia; remember the way you felt as a kid piecing an outfit together just because you liked it? This feeling, one that many adults may only rekindle by donning costumes on Halloween, is at the heart of Fashion Brand Company’s clothes. Gazin’s pieces remind buyers that we don’t need to wait for a special occasion to wear a dress with wing-like sleeves.

Lizard Fashion Show

But humans shouldn’t have all the fun. If you’re a stylish person with a fashion-forward lizard pal, you’ve probably wished you could twin with your reptile BFF. Well, you’re in luck! The pictures on the brand’s Instagram account of lizards in jumpsuits and sweaters aren’t a phony marketing gimmick: they really do make lizard clothes! Gecko guardians need to look no further than the “Lizard and Me” line. A pink cowgirl dress on a human is great, but take one look at a bearded dragon in a gown, and you’ll see it’s the lizards who know how to really rock the brand’s creations.

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By Kelsey Roslin, contributor for Ripleys.com


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