TV adventurer, author, actor and world traveler Piers Gibbon stops by Ripley Radio this week and tells us about his latest National Geographic Channel show, The Witch Doctor Will See You Now!  He shares the various “cures” he was shown by the Witch Doctors in Peru.  AND he tells us which ones worked.

In this week’s Weird Medical Maladies Minute, Jodi Pliszka, the Solutionologist, explains what the “Alien Hands” syndrome is all about and provides a few very graphic bizarre examples of what can happen if you have this affliction.

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Other Freaky, Wild and Crazy Things Discussed this Week:


  • Return Intern Abby reports that the 7 billionth human on Planet Earth was born on Halloween, Oct. 31, 2011 in the Philippines and she tells us where we can find the formula to figure out what our birth order was amongst those billions!
  • Ralf talks about the dangers of what parents assume are safe toys, while in reality the simplest toy can be quite dangerous.  He points out that 3.8 million individual toys were recalled during 2011 – just in the US!
  • We hear that the Sugar Plum Fairy of St. Charles, Mo., was fired just before Christmas and learn of the “Save the Sugar Plum Fairy” groups that have sprung up in an attempt to get her coveted job back!
  • There’s a new cheese on the market.  It is infused with eatable gold leaf and sells for $100 per slice!
  • Every year it happens.  A thief gets stuck in a chimney trying to enter a house to rob.  This year the doofus is a 17-year male!
  • Angela takes us on a tour of vending machines and the unusual items they dispense – soccer balls to lobsters to raw meat! The coolest one makes potato chips from your own potato while you wait.
  • Edward the archivist relates how bizarre it was in November,  spending the day in Thailand, with three “unusual and unbelievable” people- the Scorpion Girl, the Centipede Boy, and the Wolf Child – Supatra Sasuphan an 11 year old girl who suffers from “werewolf” syndrome and is considered the world’s hairiest child.