Sarah Bryan is a beautician from Wakefield, England who took a challenge further than expected.

The Theme Was Sweet Like Beauty

Sarah took it literally. Her inspiration came from watching her daughter play with pool balls. The pool balls reminded her of the tiny sugar coated candies, Skittles!

My idea came about when I saw my daughter playing in the garden with her pool balls that look like skittles! Then I thought I wonder If it’s been done before so I did some research and it hasn’t using only skittles sweets so I thought that’s it!

What seemed like a small project ended up taking a huge amount of time! It took about six hours everyday for a month—almost 180 hours!—to finish the dress.

What it took:

180 Hours
3000 Individual Skittles
90 Tubes of Glue

Do You Like My New Dress?

At the competition, the dress didn’t win, but a bright skittle dress is hard not to notice. The dress was seen all over, including the UK’s ITV, online, and more, bringing the candy creation to our attention.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! bought the dress!

Sarah thinks that her dress would be perfect for Lady Gaga. And it sure seems like something she would wear on stage.

In fact, she wouldn’t be the first Ripley’s Believe It or Not! artist to work with Lady Gaga. Last year Millie Brown made a huge appearance by vomiting paint on her live on stage at SXSW.

You can follow Sarah Bryan on Twitter or on her website.

She’s told me has a secret project to reveal soon and we’re excited to learn what it is! Leave a comment if you have any guesses.

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