This Week

[September 2-8th, 2018] A DIY poster child, celebrity body mods, crime-stopping squirrel monkeys, and no place like home for Dorothy’s ruby slippers.

DIY Advertising

When Jevh Maravilla decided to pick up an order of fries at his local McDonald’s in Pearland, Texas, he noticed the posters on the walls didn’t represent him. As an Asian-American, Maravilla wanted to see some of himself on the walls and took the task literally. He and his friend posed for a photo, added some design elements, and printed up a poster. With a uniform he bought at Goodwill, he snuck it into the restaurant and hung it up. Nobody noticed for over a month, and when the manager did learn of the prank, he said he’d leave it up!

Body Mods

Modeling accessories is nothing new for celebrities, but accessories that look like they’re growing under their skin is. This past week, A-list influencers like Kim Kardashian West, Chrissy Teigen, and Tan France appeared with photo-realistic prosthetics that look as if they are part of the model’s body. Chokers that look like they’re worn under the skin, fleshy feathers, and crystalline gills were all displayed, and the creator even teased incorporating LED technology that mimicked a heartbeat.


Monkeys Are Gender Biased Too

Distrust among genders isn’t just a human problem, according to researchers at St. Andrews University. Scientists studied the close social bonds formed by groups vervet monkeys and found that females were skeptical of male intentions when learning new skills. The females form tighter social groups and trust each other to learn new skills. The males, however, who are normally more independent were less trusted, even if their intentions were pure.

vervet monkey

Ruby Slippers Return Home

In 2005, the iconic ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz were stolen from the late actress’s honorary museum in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. For 13 years, local police and the FBI have been investigated diligently, finally breaking the case this past week. A sting operation resulted in the slippers return, and the Smithsonian has confirmed they are the genuine slippers.

ruby slippers

Via F.B.I.

Squirrel Monkeys End Crime Spree

John Owen Casford’s seven-month circuit of crime has ended with him being sentenced to two years in jail after being caught by a cage full of squirrel monkeys. Casford had broken into the animals’ enclosure at the Wellington Zoo to try and steal one of them, but the monkeys fought back, putting the burglar in the hospital with broken bones and a chipped tooth.

squirrel monkeys