Mini Believe It or Not

Beach Goers Help Stingray Give Birth!

  • A fisherman accidentally hooked a stingray from the beach
  • His friends and fellow beach goers were calling for him to toss it back when they noticed something coming out of her
  • With a little help, the stingray gave birth to four pups
  • Stingrays employ ovoviviparity, meaning they give birth to live young without use of a placenta
  • The pups develop in eggs in the mother’s body and feed on a yolk sac
  • After the sac is gone, they’ll feed on uterine “milk”
  • Stingrays usually give birth to litters of 5 – 13 pups


“BIONs” – short for Believe It or Not – is the word we use at Ripley’s to refer to anything that is unbelievable and worthy to become part of Ripley’s lore and collection.