Father’s Day

Believe it or not, Father’s Day is just around the corner! Relax, don’t worry. We have an array of fascinating gift ideas to make you the favorite child this year.

10. Mailbox Enthusiast

What better way to say you’re the best catch than gifting your dad an out-of-this-water Catfish mailbox? Looks like someone is going to be the talk of his neighborhood!

Catfish Mailbox

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9. Golf Club Drink Dispenser

Is your dad a huge golf player? Well, they no longer have to wait for a drink when they have their very own golf club electric drink dispenser! He can now bring his favorite choice of beverage disguised as a club! Who would have thunk!?

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8. Beer Hair

And the drinking doesn’t stop there. Your father can now lather his hair with a deliciously crafted IPA shampoo and conditioner. There’s nothing better than smelling like your favorite beer!
Beer Hair

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7. Guacamole goes with everything

What better way to show your love than giving the person you cherish the most delicious of all sides, avocados! This floating planter will have you saying “Holy Guacamole!”

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6. Toolbox Grill

Nothing says I love you more than gifting your dad a great toolbox that comes equipped with a portable charcoal grill. Your fathers need to grill will forever be granted.

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What’s the best way to treat those pesky cuts than with bacon strips! Only the coolest of dads will be rocking this look. Oh, there’s also a prize inside!
Bacon Bandages

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4. Ripley’s Weird Minute

Dad can enable Ripley’s Weird Minute on his very own Alexa device to get his daily 60 seconds of oddities. Exclusively on the amazon echo, our show has fresh content six days a week, bringing daddy the strangest and most extraordinary news stories. Looks like someone is going have chills down his spine!

Weird Minute Echo

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3. Zombie Repellent

The best way to tell dad you care is equipping him with the ultimate protection. Your old man can now live through the apocalypse with a minty fresh mouth.

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2. Dragon Fists

Why not gift dad the power of the master, Bruce Lee? The motion activated gloves, yes motion activated, also come with some sweet sound effects. We’re positive your father will forever be thankful you’ve given him these fists of fury!

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee

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1. Ripley’s Odditorium

Ok, we might be biased here, but the best gift you can give your father is taking him to one of the many BIONs near you! You’ll be able to find a shrunken head, an authentic vampire killing kit, one-of-a-kind artwork, tons of hands-on interactives, and an out-of-this-world spinning vortex tunnel! If you buy online, you can get 25% OFF a single attraction ticket with the Promo Code: DAD1. You can always print this coupon or show it on your phone when you visit this Sunday, June 18th!

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