Nautilus Exploration

Everyone’s interested in the ocean this year. First, there’s CAPSTONE exploring the ocean floor and discovering new life. And now there’s Nautilus doing the same thing. But Nautilus is going a step farther and livestreaming the expedition.

From the Nautilus live stream comes the above video of the most adorable creature ever. He’s so cute that even the scientists on board have a hard time keeping their excitement to themselves.

Stubby Squid

Not only is this little guy adorable, he’s also really interesting. Even though he looks like a cross between a squid and an octopus, the stubby squid is actually more closely related to the cuttlefish.

They live at depths of 300 m and have been found as deep as 1,000 m. They bury themselves in sand and mud with just their eyes exposed to find prey; mostly they eat shrimp and small fish. And they spend a lot of their time just being adorable.

The stubby squid is cool, but if it’s related to the cuttlefish, can it do this?