Welcome to the Abita Mystery House

From voodoo and vampires to swamps and Spears (Britney, that is) Louisiana has its fair share of oddities. Tucked away in Abita Springs, this Mystery House takes the king cake!

The Abita Mystery House is a rambling labyrinth of buildings that each house a different collection. Entering through a vintage gas station and into an old Creole cottage, curious visitors are overwhelmed with the odd.

Artist and Mystery House curator, John Preble, has spent years collecting found objects and creating unusual inventions for this roadside attraction!

Preble’s collection includes interactive dioramas of Southern life. Preble used a variety of recyclable materials, lights, and motors to make this Mardi Gras scene move! The flying saucer spins, the French Quarter balcony rocks and the float riders dance!

Preble used his taxidermy skills to create Darrell the “Dogigator.” Half-alligator, half-dog, Darrell guards a collection of antique barbed wire!