Right Brain Left Brain

Chen SiyuanBeing ambidextrous is a feat unto itself.  Having simultaneous ambidexterity is almost unheard of.  But what 24-year-old Siyuan Chen from China is able to do takes the impressive skill to a whole other level!

Chen is not only able to write with both hands simultaneously, she can write in TWO SEPARATE LANGUAGES AT THE SAME TIME!

Thanks Homework!

Chen can write intricate Chinese characters with one hand while concurrently writing in English with the other, with little effort!When Chen was learning English, she found the only way to finish all her homework in time was to literally double her efforts!  She says her skill comes pretty naturally to her and it did not take her hours of practice to hone her talent.

Since the advent of the keyboard, I try not to write with one hand, let alone two.  What Siyuan can do is pretty amazing.