Insect Diet For Healthy Living

You’ve heard of the Atkins diet, the Paleo diet, and the Raw Food diet, but have you heard of the Insect diet?

Peter Bickerton eats bugs. Not on a bet. Not for money. Not even to gross out his friends and get a laugh. He eats bugs because they’re healthy. It all started when two of his uncles had massive heart attacks.

When my aunt suffered a stroke not long after, my family realized this was no coincidence and that something much worse was going on. We all had our cholesterol levels tested and my mum and her seven siblings were all diagnosed with dangerously high levels.

The diagnosis worked as a wake-up call to Peter. He immediately started researching different diets and eating habits to help control his genetic disposition. He came up with the insect diet while doing his research. Insects are high in protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, making them the most logical food source to help combat heart disease.

In the five years since he started his insect eating ways, Peter estimates he’s gorged on over 10,000 crickets, 5,000 locusts and 1,000 waxworms. And he says his weight is holding steady for the first time in his life, and he’s never felt better.

My energy levels have vastly improved, too, and I believe that’s down to how insects have 10 times more iron than other meats. I’m only in my 20s and was lucky to not be diagnosed with high cholesterol like the rest of my family.

So when will you start your own Insect Diet? There are only a few months left before bathing suit season. When you do start cooking bugs, here are some meal ideas.

Insect Pasta

Insect Diet

Absente in Kinshicho, Japan, serves spaghetti with cooked locusts

Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

Insect Diet

Travis Fessler crammed 11 live Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches into his mouth at once


Insect Diet

Mark Hogg gets out from 10,000 earthworms by eating some

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