Episode 109

It truly is a scary thought. Believe It or Not!, the woman who became notoriously known as the Tanning Mom is now an action figure! A toy and doll company in Connecticut is now selling the figure for $29.95. And what’s more, the company president tells Ralf, that his company can customize an action figure that looks like you! Tune in to this week’s Ripley Radio Oddcast for this truly bizarre story.

Power to the People! is more than an anthem. Floor tiles are being installed In London, in time for the Olympics that can generate electricity when people step on them! Angela reports on this unbelievable new and efficient way to create energy!

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  • The Flea Circus was a big draw in Dime Museums and on carnivals for years and yes, they really used fleas as tiny little actors. Sideshow historian James Taylor explains the show and tells us briefly how to train a flea.
  • Intern Abby reports that tens of millions of people still live in caves in China. The hillside holes can be rented or purchased and many are equipped with modern amenities.
  • Ralf talks with Michigan politician Ann Doyle who is sure of at least one family’s vote in this fall’s election! The family dog attacked Doyle as she was out campaigning and in turn she earned their vote.
  • Our Weird Medical Malady of the Week is Kleptomania. Jodi Pliszka explains that it’s not all about stealing.
  • A company is now selling salt “harvested” from people’s tears of joy, anger, sorrow and from cutting onions.
  • What’s one thing you don’t want to leave behind when you rob a home? You’ll hear about one teenager who left behind his backpack and a thumb drive containing all his homework.
  • Ripley’s archivist Edward Meyer tells us that one of Ripley’s newest acquisitions is the full size “Bad to the Bone” motorcycle, made from the bones of road kill!
  • In honor of the July 4 weekend, Katy Perry provides the musical egress this week with Firework.