Legendary athlete and seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady has just brokered a whopping 10-year, $375-million deal with Fox! While that amount of money is unfathomable for most, we here at Ripley’s would like to help put it into perspective.

Kicking Off

So, what does $375 million look like? Try picturing it like this, Tom Brady could buy every seat at the home of Super Bowl 2023, State Farm Stadium Arizona. That comes to 63,400 seats at $5,999 per ticket!

Still having a hard time picturing this colossal amount of cash? look at it this way, if Brady is feeling generous, he could buy every spectator watching Tampa Bay at Raymond James Stadium a beer and a hotdog, every regular season game … for 17 and a half seasons!

Why stop there? Suppose Brady is feeling fancy. Brady currently owns a 40-foot yacht that is priced around $2 million. With his Fox salary, Brady could take luxury to new heights as his $375-million deal could afford him 187 40-foot luxury boats — that’s a fleet of personal yachts!

State Farm Stadium Arizona.

Don’t Fumble the Bag

Seeing the sheer expanse of things Tom Brady could buy is incredible, but let’s take a closer look at his pay in terms of the American salary.

The average salary in America currently sits at $52,000 – curious as to how long it will take Brady to make the average American salary in terms of play time? Let’s break it down:

From kickoff to the final whistle, the average NFL game lasts 3 hours and 12 minutes. For Brady, he will be making $71 per minute working for Fox, equivalent to $13,632 per game!

Brace yourself, this means Brady will make the average U.S. salary ($52,000) in 4 games!

The Huddle is Real

Hopefully now Tom Brady’s lucrative television deal is better put into perspective. I’m not sure anyone feels much better after garnering an understanding of the shocking amount of pay Brady is raking in, so for that I am sorry.

This definitely is not the most inspiring article but if you’re curious and want to feel a little worse, go compare your salary to your favorite athlete or check out the wildest things they can buy with their money using the Sports Star Calculator Tool!

The data and statistics used throughout were provided by a study produced by The Game Day. Check out their methodology by clicking the link!

By Jordan Neese, contributor for Ripleys.com


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